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Surviving the biggest threat of the year - Ransomware

Ony when you thought you did nothing more than clicking on a web link, your files are encrypted and locked, and you can't access your data. This is a painful case of "holding your data hostage", and you are asked to pay ransom to get your files back. Cyber attackers work incessantly to find workarounds to infiltrate your security systems. These attacks are only getting sophisticated over time.

FAQs on Managed Security Services

  • Is my IT Infrastructure resilient and secure in the face of outages or disasters? Security services must help manage IT risks at all levels in any organization. Therefore, we start by focusing on your business goals. We develop compliance roadmaps and assess risks to identify the cost of exposure. We then create and deploy plans to prepare your business for outages or disasters.
  • How do I ensure that my security measures are effective?Every security measure has its share of risks. Security implementation is an ongoing process. You must conduct periodic reassessments to any threats, risks and vulnerabilities because they keep changing with time.
  • My organization does not have its own Security Operations Center (SOC). We don't run robust operations. How does SOC ensure that my day-to-day activities are not interrupted?You don't have to own a SOC yourself. From our sophisticated Security Operations Center, we continuously monitor threats and ensure that we efficiently utilize resources. Our team of certified security experts ensures regulatory compliance and system availability at all times.
  • We have been safe from cyber attacks so far. We have made sure that all industry best practices are in place. Is this assessment still useful for us?No one is safe from cyber attacks. This consultation is available to you free of cost. Ask us anything by filling the form at the top of the page, and we will get in touch with you.

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